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Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness, didn't know where to shop ~ Blair Waldorf

If you are on God’s side reblog this. If you’re on the Devil’s side, keep scrolling.


i dont like reblogging shit like this, but this one got me cause of the second sentence.

Only cos I’m not on the devil’s side. Lol. 


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McKinley High School turns into a crime scene when Rachel Berry, a student at the school, is found murdered on school grounds. Four students, who happened to be absent from class when Rachel was murdered, find themselves being accused of committing the crime. Was it Kurt? Her best friend, who thrived for the lime light just as much as she did, wanting to be superior to her once and for all? Santana, who constantly teased and nitpicked at Rachel? Blaine, Kurt’s boyfriend, just looking for a way to have Kurt to himself? Or Quinn, the girl’s biggest rival, who secretly found herself in love with Rachel. Five students. Four suspects. One murder.

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